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Scanflex Ergonomics

‘Giving a lift to everyday life’

As the name suggests, SCANFLEX® provide a range of height adjustable solutions which have their origins in Scandinavia; an area of the world renowned for quality care for the disabled and innovative design.

Established in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1980, SCANFLEX® opened their U.K. branch in 1991 at Bromborough, Wirral. From Bromborough the company offers a nationwide service to architects, housing associations, occupational therapists, nursing homes, hospitals, schools and indeed anybody who is involved in the provision of suitable accommodation for the less able and multi-user environments.

The SCANFLEX® portfolio includes accessible & adjustable kitchen furniture, flexible bathroom/shower/toilet products and wheelchair accessible tables/desking systems.

SCANFLEX® projects include university, college & school developments, student accommodation, social housing, disabled adaptations and care homes.

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Ability Lifts

The outstanding Optimum 100 Platform Lift

The Optimum 100 is a high quality, reliable, chain driven vertical platform lift that is supplied complete with its own small footprint enclosure. The lift now comes with a 36 month warranty on all major drive components!

This is a self-supporting platform lift which will enhance the value of any building. Installation costs are kept to a minimum ensuring excellent value with a low ownership cost. The unit is compliant with Part M of the Building Regulations and has the following features as standard:

  • 13 metres maximum travel
  • Serves up to 6 floors
  • 1250mm x 1560mm footprint
  • 1400mm x 1100mm platform
  • 60mm deep pit
  • Flexible door arrangements
  • 0.15 metres/sec travel speed
  • Longevity – expected chain life of 25 years if properly maintained
  • Easy to use
  • Speedy installation
  • 500kg capacity

Please call us for a chat on 0845 006 8803 to find out more, the Optimum 100 really is this good!

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As we spring into summer it's now time to think about all the little tedious things that need sorting now the days are longer and hopefully warmer.

And talking of warmth, the boiler and heating system in general will need a little TLC, so once all the safety lists have been ticked it could be the perfect time to think about controls!

It's alarming to think that many heating controls fitted to systems big and small are just not up to today's demands. It's 2012 after all so everyone should have close temperature control, optimisation, flexible programming on a weekly basis and energy savings that pay for the privilege but NO this is not the case.

Many of you reading this will think back to a time when you thought I wish these controls were easier to use or if only I could set different plans for different weeks, or set term dates so that the heating would go off and back on again when term starts, well you can, Dataterm gives you all of this in a simple neat little package.

12 Personal Plans, up to 4 heating zones plus hot water, optimum start / stop, close temperature control and the best bit, energy savings of 18-36%.

You may be lucky and have a system that does all of this but most of you won't so now is the perfect opportunity for you to take action and take control of your heating system and how much it costs you, take control, take Dataterm.

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Parker Bell

PB500 PAT Tester Kit

More and more business owners understand that they should be getting their portable electrical appliances checked regularly to ensure they are safe to use. Many choose to do this in-house using the easy to use PB500 PAT Tester Kit. This lightweight and rugged PAT tester has been a firm favourite for all types of business, including the building trade working with 110v (using an adaptor lead).

Parker Bell has been specialising in PAT tester sales, accessories and PAT training for more than fifteen years and prides itself on good customer service. We are happy to discuss your PAT testing needs to ascertain the right machine for you. It may be that you need a more complex machine, depending on the nature of your business and items under test. We won’t try and sell you something you don’t need. Call us on 01392 364 933, or visit our website www.parker-bell.co.uk.

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Arch Timber

Lonza Wood Proteciton

Lonza Wood Protection is the leading European supplier of preservative and fire retardant products and services for the effective protection of timber. Its fire retardant products include leading brands DRICON and NON-COM Exterior treated timber.

Both fire retardant products, with proven track records going back over 25 years, are applied by controlled industrial pressure treatments and are backed by independent Classification Reports for Euroclasses (BS EN 13501-1) specific to a wide range of timber species and timber thickness. The treatments provide a long term and highly effective surface spread of flame protection that allows timbers to be used with real confidence in a wide variety of interior and exterior applications.

DRICON is a humidity resistant treatment and the fire retardant treated timbers or plywoods can be used in interior and weather protected exterior situations. DRICON is the only BBA approved fire retardant treatment for timber.

NON-COM Exterior is a leach resistant treatment and the fire retardant treated timbers can be used for exterior applications without the need for a protective coating.

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Apollo Insulation

Offering a Solution

Manufactured in the UK, Apollo Insulation’s foils are advanced, highly reflective low emissivity foils that will enhance thermal performance and improve U-values of structures.

Traditional insulation works by slowing down convection and conduction. However, radiant heat loss is a major factor in a buildings’ thermal efficiency accounting for up to 80% of heat lost through walls. The more radiant energy is reflected the less heat is transferred – our foil membranes reflect more than 96% of radiated heat.

Eco-Brite and Thermo-Foil ES both hold BBA Certification and Fire Certification to BS476 Part 6 and 7. Our tough yet flexible foil can be installed in roofs, walls and floors and effectively blocks over 96% of radiant energy, sealing the building and providing a more controllable and comfortable interior temperature. Every roll can save over 1400kg of CO2 emissions every year reducing a building’s energy requirement and help cutting its carbon footprint.

Our foils can be used in a range of structures from timber frame homes to modular buildings. Conveniently installed, the associated air space that is created in front or behind the membrane can also be used to run electrical or other services. The product is used in conjunction with our heat reflecting adhesive tape which seals the edges of adjoining sheets and adjacent structures ensuring an air-tight envelope that will pass mandatory pressure testing.

With low moisture transmission rates, Eco-Brite and Thermo-Foil ES also acts as excellent vapour barrier, halting moisture migration into the fibre insulation layers. The systems ensure the insulation keeps dry and maintain its performance.

Solutions for Ductwork
Insulating ductwork to help conserve energy has long been an important aspect of energy-efficient-building services design. Our ducting products, EncaSeal and EncaClad with their highly reflective aluminium surface, will seal existing insulation; ensuring air leakage is kept to a minimum.

Both products will block at least 96% of infrared energy that would otherwise be absorbed by the soft insulation. The extremely strong adhesive on the other side insures that once fitted it will stiffen the whole structure, ensuring existing and replaced foam or quilt insulation is sealed, kept dry and its performance maintained. There is no need to fit retaining wire-mesh around the duct work or have any other protection for the insulation. All our products have a low moisture transmission rate providing an excellent vapour and dust barrier.

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Hunter Douglas

Innovative solution to prestigious Quay scheme

The historic waterfront at Gloucester has undergone a multi-million regeneration and at the heart of the scheme is the rejuvenated Merchants Quay development.

Hunter Douglas has created an innovative shutter system for the new landmark dockside building, which sits in the heart of a Grade II listed environment and has to meet strict planning requirements.

The scheme consists of 48 apartments in two blocks on the upper floors accessed by an intervening timber deck and core, the ground floor being restaurants, bars and cafés to service the public space around. Hunter Douglas provided eight sliding shutters and 36 folding shutters with western red cedar fins to help create a distinctive scheme that also complements the historic nature of Gloucester’s waterfront.

The high-profile waterfront scheme allowed Hunter Douglas to highlight the complete shutter system solution it is able to offer. The Hunter Douglas shutters blend style and functionality - inside and out. By providing building exteriors with a distinctive and stylish look as well as offering optimal solar effectiveness for maximum internal comfort.

Like all Hunter Douglas products the shutters provide a total building and architectural solution. The Merchants Quay solution has slender extruded aluminium profiles and rounded edges for a slim appearance and can be installed within the vertical frame profile, so fixation is not visible from the outside.

Top and bottom rails, runners and necessary hardware are all part of the system and a variety of rail brackets permit easy installation.

Using the right system can greatly influence the thermal and visual indoor climate and the Hunter Douglas team worked closely with architects Stride Treglown Tektus and contractors Vinci throughout the process, from specification to installation, to ensure the finished solution met all requirements.

Effective reduction of the amount of solar radiation entering the building, immediately decreases the amount of energy needed to cool the building. Blocking, transmitting, or reflecting direct sunlight and daylight enables Hunter Douglas systems to optimise the interior brightness and glare levels and to maintain the visual contact with the outdoors.

Providing good thermal and visual comfort at a minimum energy cost calls for a careful matching of façade walls, glazing, sun control, lighting and HVAC equipment.

Merchants Quay has become a flagship regeneration project for the city’s Docks, traditionally a thriving area of Gloucester and now enjoying a new lease of life thanks to such impressive developments.

A rich tradition of product innovation stretching back 40 years has made Hunter Douglas the company of choice for those seeking high quality architectural solutions.

Merchants Quay represents another scheme in a programme of high-profile projects where the company has provided bespoke solutions to clients that meet the highest standards.

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Swish BP

Greener pastures with Swish

Swish fascias, soffits and cladding in Hazy Grey have been specified by Cawrey Homes for its new eco development, Fielding Meadow.

These homes incorporate the latest energy saving technology to achieve a Code for Sustainable Homes level four rating.

Focusing on long-term maintenance savings, the properties feature low maintenance fascias and soffits from Swish Building Products and external cladding, used by Cawrey to house solar panels.

Swish Building Products have secured the responsible sourcing standard BES6001 delivering instant point gains to house builders under the Code for Sustainable Homes and Eco Homes.

In securing the standard across its PVC fascia, soffit, cladding and window board ranges Swish Building Products is able to offer developers maximum points under the Code (tier level 1), matching FSC timber specifications in Mat2 and Mat3.

For more information on Swish’s full range of products visit www.swishbp.co.uk or call 01827 317 200.

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CVO Fires

100% Energy Efficient Gas Fires.

Contradicting the industry standard that an open flame requires a chimney CVO have managed to create the impossible. Utilising award winning CVO burner technology, these 100% energy-efficient, clean burning, gas fires do not require a chimney to be built within the property and feature a unique open living flame. Hand made in the UK, with full CE approval for natural gas or LPG, CVO flueless gas fires have been installed in many homes in the UK and across Europe. Choose from wall mounted, recessed and traditional versions with heat outputs up to 3.5kW and running costs from as little as 8p/hour, helping to reduce energy bills. By utilising specialist burner technology these fires have very low emissions helping to protect the environment. As the fire does not require a chimney the fire can be sited on any wall within the room making room planning and design easier. Installation costs are minimal due to not needing a chimney.

The range includes models which can be wall mounted or recessed within the wall with a wide choice of sizes and finishes available.

The CVO flueless range has now been extended to include new “Traditional” style versions and these new designs are proving very popular with UK property developers. The CVO traditional flueless suite is supplied as a complete package of Surround, Hearth, Backing Plate and Gas Fire making installation very easy. Surrounds are available in Wood or Stone. Ask for our latest Flueless Gas Fire brochure.

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Cutting-edge design from Playdale

Playdale have been at the forefront in playground design and manufacturing for over 30 years and continually strive to create innovative products with cutting-edge design.

‘City’ is their stainless steel range that provides the ultimate in durable and virtually maintenance free play equipment. ‘City’ is constantly developing and with new additions to the Movers range now available it shows that there is plenty more to come.

The ‘City’ range boasts a diverse mix of products including: Big & Little City towers which blend eye catching stainless steel and vibrant colour; the dynamic Movers range uses movement and speed to delight the more adventurous; City Adventure Trail focuses on developing important skills, such as balance, coordination, confidence and social awareness; and the impressive outdoor fitness range, Training Buddies, bring the fun back into keeping fit.

All of Playdale’s products are independently tested by the British Standards Institution and carry the prestigious Kitemark certificate, so you can be happy that children will have maximum fun in a safe environment.

For more information and to request a brochure visit www.playdale.co.uk or call 015395 39770.

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Frame protectors guard against damage

If you are looking to reduce time consuming and costly repairs to unsightly door frames, leading supplier of door protection products, Intastop Ltd, has the cost effective solution. The Rigid Frame Guard is the perfect answer that will provide an aesthetically pleasing and versatile long-term solution to ugly and hazardous damaged door surrounds.

The Rigid Frame Guard is designed to protect the pull and push side of door frames as well as the vulnerable rear edge of the door. It is manufactured in high quality aluminium that incorporates a PVC-u insert secured into the guard. The standard finish of the guard is in satin anodised aluminium (SAA). other anodised finishes or colour coating, including wood effect are also available.

The product which satisfies DDA requirements is available in a range of sizes and two types;

Slimline Rigid which can be used on both sides of the frame without any door opening restrictions and is suitable for architraves up from 50mm.

Standard Rigid is ideally suited for the push side of the door and protects both the frame and the rear edge of the door when it is in the open position, suitable for architraves up to 100mm.

Chester-le-Street Hospital is one facility that has benefited from the Slimline Rigid range. They commented: “We had a requirement to provide a cost effective solution to the damaged door frames of the unit. We opted for the Intastop Slimline Rigid Frame Guard because the product gave a neat finish without encroaching into the openings.”

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Profile 22

Profile 22 simplifies window specification

Profile 22 has launched the latest version of its specification guide, developed to support architects and specifiers find their way through the sometimes complex process of window and door specification.

The guide includes everything from the specification of hardware through to compliance with building regulations and energy efficiency.

This includes details on its low carbon recycled window RECO22 offering A+ Green Guide rating across all commercial and domestic applications. With a carbon footprint of extruded profile of just six per cent of that manufactured using virgin material, a triple glazed option means that it achieves a u-value as low as 0.8 W/m2K.

Profile 22, commercial development director, Andrew Reid, said: “Technology, as in many industries, is moving exceptionally quickly in the window and door sector. Nine or 10 years ago PVC-U wasn’t widely recycled, now we’re able to offer a fully recycled, low carbon in manufacture and thermally efficient and by implication low carbon in life, product range.”

“As one of a number of product types specifiers and architects have to get their heads around it can be very difficult to stay abreast of the latest technology, let alone specify the right mix of that technology for their project. The specification guide from Profile 22 is about simplifying that process.”

The specification guided also details of the full specification support offered by Profile 22’s in-house technical team including training and specification programs plus how to find a commercial window contractor through the Profile 22 Approved Window Contractor scheme

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Multi-Link-Panel Safe Roofglazing Panels

These lightweight modular roofglazing panels are glazed with 6mm solid polycarbonate that looks like glass, but offers superior strength and longevity. Pre-fabricated Multi-Link-Panels conform to the HSE recommended test method ACR[M]001:2005. Multiwall glazing is also available.

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GEC Anderson Ltd

Brushed satin stainless steel

Sinks, worktops, cabinets, shelving & sanitaryware produced to highly exacting standards. Practical, durable, hygienic and attractive and widely specified for public, commercial and domestic environments.

  • Modular, Standard and Made-to-Measure Sizes
  • Technical Assistance and Advice
  • Templating and Installation Service
  • Product Literature and Specification Data

Please contact us to discuss your specific product requirements or for a quotation.

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Magma Safety

Magma Safety

  • Suitable for use in concrete, terrazzo, tiled floors, timber steps and decking
  • Available ex-stock
  • Available in DDA compliant 55mm widths
  • Slip resistant inserts for stairs and floors
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