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Glazing Vision

Flushglaze rooflight

Glazing Vision was established in 1994 by the majority shareholder Mr Hugh Callacher, initially set up as a Glazing Refurbishments company. In 2002 Glazing Vision launched a range of standard fixed, hinged and sliding glass rooflights. Glazing Vision now offers its range throughout the World, to architects wishing to add more light and ventilation to award winning designs. Today the company is the UK's leading manufacturer of luxurious glass roof solutions and enjoy an annual turnover of over £6m. Based in Norfolk, Glazing Vision employs 80+ people and supplies and installs roof glazing solutions to clients all over the UK and Ireland. In 2009 Glazing Vision has set up an International Division to service mainland Europe, Scandinavia and other destinations. In recent years Glazing Vision has completed rooflight installations in the USA, Sweden, France, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Holland, Greece, Belgium, Kuwait even as far as supplying our stock rooflights to a project in Hawaii.

The Flushglaze rooflight continues to be the market leading flat roof glass rooflight, indeed it will soon be BBA certified as well. We have continued to invest in our manufacturing techniques and improve our products and the range of rooflights Glazing Vision can offer to the marketplace. Last year we launched the ‘Skydoor’ rooflight, a fully electric rooflight opening to 90 degrees fro roof access where roof space is at a premium.

Furthermore Glazing Vision now offers a fully tested and certified Smoke Vent (AOV) including mechanisms and controls that allow the rooflight to be operated to 140 degrees and back at the touch of a button.

Glazing Visions sliding rooflights continue to set the standard for the industry, this was demonstrated recently when a client had to return to Glazing vision to remove 5 competitor sliding box rooflights and replace them with our high specification sliding boxes.

Glazing Vision are happy to demonstrate their capabilities at their high tec factory in Diss, Norfolk

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Aluminium By Design

Aluminium By Design - Specialist Aluminium Manufacturers Since 1995

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Easy does it

Interlay is an extensive range of versatile, interlocking PVC floor tiles supplied in Commercial Soft or Industrial Hard finishes of which there is a perfect Interlay solution for almost any situation.

Available in a wide range of solid and translucent colours and finishes Interlay can be laid over most hard surfaces with little or no surface preparation: its loose-lay application and accurately manufactured interlocking keys made Interlay quick and easy to install.

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Magma Safety

Magma Safety

  • Suitable for use in concrete, terrazzo, tiled floors, timber steps and decking
  • Available ex-stock
  • Available in DDA compliant 55mm widths
  • Slip resistant inserts for stairs and floors
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PermaRock lead the way with Green Deal compliant external wall insulation

With the on-going uncertainty surrounding the Government’s new flagship energy efficiency initiative, the Green Deal – due for launch in October 2012, it is good to hear that at least one company is geared up and ready to supply fully compliant external (solid) wall insulation systems, a key measure under the Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation (ECO).

PermaRock, one of the UK’s longest established and leading external wall insulation system suppliers, has continued to focus investment to ensure that all their key external wall insulation systems are fully Green Deal and Energy Company Obligation (ECO) compliant and meet all the requirements set out in the Draft Code of Practice.

This investment has led to the recent award and publication of a new certificate (No. 158/12) by UKAS accredited body the Building Research Establishment (BRE).

BRE Certificate No. 158/12 reflects PermaRock’s constant commitment to the quality of it’s lead products and expands on their previous scope of accredited external wall insulation and render systems, placing PermaRock in a strong position to supply external (solid) wall insulation systems under Green Deal and ECO.

The certificate provides accreditation for mineral fibre, phenolic, EPS and EPS-premium (Grey) based external wall insulation systems with acrylic and silicone-based through-coloured renders, traditional dashing stone, brick effect render, brick slips and lime-based render decorative finishes.

Under the requirements set out under the Green Deal, Green Deal Providers and Installers will only be able to install products and systems as defined within the scope of their certification. In the case of external wall insulation, ETA or UKAS certificated systems can be installed only onto the wall construction types for which they are accredited. They must also comply with all applicable European and Domestic legislation relevant to the testing, performance, and quality of the system.

For PermaRock, BRE Certificate 158/12, permits installation of their key external wall insulation systems onto nearly all traditional and non-traditional substrate types, including, masonry (brick / block), dense and no-fines concrete (PRC) and sheathed light gauge steel frame and timber frame constructions.

If you would like further information on PermaRock’s latest accreditation or would like to discuss how they can work with you under Green Deal and ECO then contact PermaRock on (T) 01509 262924 or by visiting www.permarock.com.

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  • Dramatically reduces slip-accidents at a fraction of the cost of a reliable alternative
  • Ensures conformity to Safety Standards
  • Guaranteed 5 years
  • Effective even when wet or greasy
  • Instant slip-resistance, no shutdown of your facilities
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Sudscape offers unique suds-compliant paving solution

Following recent legislation sustainable drainage systems (SUDS) is close to becoming mandatory, and permeable paving is set to be the norm for all hard surfacing requirements.

Fully SUDS compliant, Sudscapetm is a unique eco-friendly porous paving solution ideal for a vast range of landscaping requirements, and is highly suitable for car parks, pathways and driveways. It is comprised of a rubber sub base made from recycled car tyres which is topped with a resin and aggregate top layer.

Its excellent environmental credentials enable it to contribute substantially to the BREAAM accreditation process, with up to eleven credits available for projects that use it.

By holding water in the voids within the rubber sub base until it can be absorbed back into the water table, the system prevents flash flooding. It also eliminates the risk of standing water , a significant health and safety risk. As it is flexible and porous, water is able to freeze, expand and contract without causing damage. In addition, freeze thaw tests carried out at the BRE Innovation Park have proved that the product does not de-laminate, a typical condition of other resin products when placed on top of concrete or tarmac.

It is the only product tested at BRE‘s Innovation park for over three years to remain porous with no maintenance at all in a wooded environment. The flex ability of the system allows agitation to occur so allowing fines to pass through. Other benefits include easy maintenance and superior aesthetics – Susdcapetm is available in a variety of finishes enabling it to complement the surrounding environment.

Sudscapetm can be used in both commercial and domestic markets. Recent commissions include the provision of 600 sq. metres of open area landscaping for WS Atkins’ Headquarters in Epsom, and 460 sq. metres of hard landscaping for The Olympic Village in the athletes’ accommodation area.

A key consideration for the WS Atkins project was the ability of the Sudscapetm system to provide a specific surface colour that would effortlessly harmonise a brand new building with those already in existence. The system’s low maintenance guarantee was also considered important – Sudscapetm does not require any special cleaning technique, so on-going maintenance costs are negligible.

The Olympic Village project involved hard landscaping a large area of pathways in courtyards surrounding the athletes’ accommodation blocks. The commissioning architect was McFarlane Wilder who were keen to install the system after specifying it on other schemes and experiencing its myriad benefits. Peter Wilder of Macfarlane Wilder comments: “The Athletes’ Village demands a rigorous approach to surface water management through responsibly sourced materials. Sudscapetm is a system that we have encountered through our work on the BRE Innovation Parks where it has proven its credentials as a low carbon alternative to traditional resin bound systems.”

For further information please visit the website: www.sudscape.co.uk or call 01827 288533.

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TBA Textiles


Way back in 1994 TBA Textiles spent in excess of five years developing, and patenting a revolutionary Cavity Fire Barrier system which met the requirements of Approved Document B of the Building Regulations. That product FIREFLY PLUS is now part of a range of products in the FIREFLY range of passive fire protection. Building Document B recommends that all Cavity Fire Barriers should have a minimum fire resistance of 30 minutes integrity and 15 minutes insulation, all FIREFLY Fire Barriers exceed this recommendation.

Development has been ongoing with FIREFLY and new products have been introduced. FIREFLY VULCAN developed as a low cost barrier, specifically to meet the minimum requirements of Building Document B, provides 60 minutes integrity/20 minutes insulation. The latest development in the range, FIREFLY TITAN provides a fantastic 120 minutes integrity and 60 minutes insulation, is only nominal 15mm thick, and has become the main product in the range, with specifications far exceeding those of the VULCAN and FIREFLY PLUS products combined.

Cavity Fire Barriers traditionally provide compartmentation of roof and ceiling voids into a series of fire and smoke-tight areas; their purpose is to fully contain the spread of fire for a given period, thereby gaining invaluable time for evacuation of personnel, protecting both life and property. A significant difference between FIREFLY and “other” barriers is that FIREFLY products are not only fully tested and assessed for vertical installations, but can be used horizontally also. This gives much more scope for the areas in which FIREFLY products can be installed, such as along corridors, under mezzanines, between floors, room separations, as well as the usual compartmentation of roof voids.

FIREFLY TITAN is also assessed to BS.476 Part 21, which means along with an installation system utilising Metstrut’s, lightweight structure, Metsec system, the products together combine to provide not only integrity and insulation but also stability. The overall combined system is extremely lightweight compared with traditional methods at only 10kgs/m2, providing huge savings on weight.

A further attribute to FIREFLY products is that they have all been tested for acoustic properties, and offer extremely good ratings especially when installed within a system, for instance FIREFLY TITAN installed either vertically or horizontally in conjunction with a typical lay in grid ceiling system will provide approximately 49db, in one system when installed for Part.21 situations.

For further information, please contact FIREFLY on 01706 758817 or email: info@tbafirefly.co.uk

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Quick-to-fit, energy saving rooflights

Range of systems to suit all applications: ideal for new build and refurbishment.

Robust, multiwall polycarbonate glazing: excellent heat retention and light transmission. U value of 1.5W/m2oC achieved with 25mm, ideal for meeting Part L requirements.

Maintenance free aluminium powder coated glazing bars for long, trouble-free life.

Systems available to meet HSE requirements for non-fragile roofing

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Dataterm editorial

As we spring into summer it's now time to think about all the little tedious things that need sorting now the days are longer and hopefully warmer.

And talking of warmth, the boiler and heating system in general will need a little TLC, so once all the safety lists have been ticked it could be the perfect time to think about controls!

It's alarming to think that many heating controls fitted to systems big and small are just not up to today's demands. It's 2012 after all so everyone should have close temperature control, optimisation, flexible programming on a weekly basis and energy savings that pay for the privilege but NO this is not the case.

Many of you reading this will think back to a time when you thought I wish these controls were easier to use or if only I could set different plans for different weeks, or set term dates so that the heating would go off and back on again when term starts, well you can, Dataterm gives you all of this in a simple neat little package.

12 Personal Plans, up to 4 heating zones plus hot water, optimum start / stop, close temperature control and the best bit, energy savings of 18-36%.

You may be lucky and have a system that does all of this but most of you won't so now is the perfect opportunity for you to take action and take control of your heating system and how much it costs you, take control, take Dataterm.

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Wedge Galvanizing

GALVANIZING the missing link in your project?

Galvanising offers an economic method of steel protection against corrosion, with its long life-span, cost-efficient savings and sustainable qualities, hot-dip galvanising is one of most environmentally-friendly finishes available.

  • 14 plants across the UK
  • Galvanize 1.5mm to 29m long
  • Collection & Delivery Service
  • 24hr Turnaround on Request
  • Unrivalled Customer Service
  • Design & Technical Advice

For an information pack or to discuss your next project please contact us:
Email: corrosion@wedgegalv.co.uk      Tel: 01902 600704

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Official UK Distributor

AEL Are Appointed the Official UK Distributor of FARAL Aluminium Radiators
The original FARAL aluminium radiator always appreciated often imitated since 1966

Faral aluminium radiators are the perfect choice for every type of heating system including the increasingly popular low temperature geo thermal and solar applications.

Faral high efficiency aluminium radiators have been the radiator of choice for many Architects, Specifying Consultants and Local Authorities throughout the UK and Ireland since 1966, the FARAL aluminium radiators are not only aesthetically pleasing but are also the most efficient radiator available in the world today.

The quality and reliability of the FARAL aluminium radiator is complimented by our friendly approach to customer service and a reliable technical department are available to offer you any advice and answer any question you have with regards to product or your system design.

FARAL TROPICAL 80 (HORIZONTAL) Born out of the original Faral Tropical design back in 1966 the Faral Tropical 80 is a horizontal die cast aluminium radiator that provides elegant curves,symmetry and the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content Aluminium radiators available.

FARAL ALLIANCE ( FLAT FRONTED) The flat fronted FARAL Alliance die cast aluminium radiator is a strong but elegant style of radiator suitable for either traditional or contemporary properties it will also provide the highest heat output you can achieve as it is one of the most energy efficient low water content Aluminium radiators available

FARAL TROPICAL 95 ( Flat Top) With a distinctive flat top and robust structure the Faral Tropical 95 has been the choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years providing the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content Aluminium radiators available.

FARAL SILL LINE (LOW ) The two styles shown in the range of the FARAL Sill Line extruded low aluminium radiators have been designed to provide an attractive solution to very low sill heights while providing the maximum heat output achievable in a small space from one of the smallest yet most energy efficient low water content Aluminium radiators available.

FARAL VERTICAL LONGO (TALL )The FARAL Vertical Longo is a tall cast aluminium radiator that provides aesthetically pleasing proportionality and balance to any room as well as the highest heat output you can achieve from any radiator of similar width, this elegant vertical style is the most energy efficient low water content radiator available.

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The Deck Tile


Architectural Porcelain Stoneware Paver System

  • Installation on single ply membranes
  • High load bearing
  • Fire-proof and Frost-proof
  • Cost effective
  • Nonporous
  • Highly stain resistant
  • Highly slip resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Zero Maintenance
  • Colourfast
  • Rapid Installation
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Johnson & Starley

offers gencair hpt heat pumps and water to air heat exchanger

Johnson & Starley's range of Gencair HPT air to water heat pumps has been developed to provide comfort heating when integrated within traditional residential heating systems. The pumps convert latent energy from outside air into high-grade heat that can be used for domestic heating and hot water.

Available in 5kW , 8kW and 13kW versions, the range has dual temperature operation for maximum efficiency, with temperatures of up to 55º C for domestic hot water and up to 50º C for space heating. The heat pumps are operational in temperatures from -15º C to +43º C. The maximum COP of 4 is certified by TUV A7–W35. Intelligent control of water temperature is provided and operational sound levels are low.

Robustly built and tested (EU Class A - EN14511) and Microgeneration Certification Scheme (MCS) listed, the Gencair is a compact heat pump, designed as one piece and fully refrigerant charged. The installer does not require a refrigerant handling certificate.

A system control interface module with wiring centre is also available to simplify installation and permit a range of control regimes. The Gencair is designed and built not only as a heating device for residential applications, but also as a significant contributor toward the reduction of carbon emissions.

Johnson & Starley offers a system design service for installers together with comprehensive technical support and service back up. Essential heat pump training courses are also provided to ensure that installations are designed, installed, commissioned and handed over in accordance with industry standards. This training includes all the relevant criteria for air source heat pumps detailed in MIS 3005 Installation Standard, developed by joint industry bodies and is the standard against which MCS approved heat pump installations will be measured.

Johnson & Starley's Aquair HIU is a water to air heat exchange unit with heat outputs of 10, 16 and 20kW. The unit requires a supply of hot water at a minimum temperature of 80ºC. It is an upflow or downflow unit and modulating control is incorporated. A mesh filter is fitted as standard, with a Cleanflow electronic air cleaner available as an option.

Water connections are left or right handed through knockouts in the sides of the cabinet. Air is drawn in through the air filter or electronic air cleaner - if fitted - and the heat exchanger by a low watt CE centrifugal fan. A remote summer air circulation switch can be provided for the supply unheated air to the air outlets during warm weather. A remote timer can be used to set the periods of operation

The Aquair HIU features air circulation fan with EC technology, air filtration, electronic control board, 9¾ (¾ BSP) flow and return connection to the heat exchanger. Plenum adapters are available on request to enable the use of the existing warm air ducting.

Johnson & Starley Ltd, Rhosili Road, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7LZ, Tel: +44 (0) 1604 762881, Fax: +44 (0) 1604 767408, Email: marketing@johnsonandstarley.co.uk or visit their website www.johnsonandstarley.co.uk

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Multiscreen UK

Bespoke Solar Shading

MULTISCREEN installs high quality durable shading systems designed to give many years of service. Bespoke horizontal and vertical blinds both manual and motorized, are available with a variety of fabric types and colours to solve specific shading problems.

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