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Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas Brings Georgian Sackville Street into 21st Century

An office block on Sackville Street in London has recently undergone redevelopment. Given the building's location within the Mayfair Conservation area and its proximity to several listed buildings, the design of the new building had to be carefully considered.

Worth over £14m, the office block now features 40,000 sq ft of office space, two 2 bedroom flats and one 3 bedroom flat, Sackville Street is home to several Georgian buildings. The new office block is sensitive to this period, displaying traditional build materials in a contemporary manner.

J M Architects approached Hunter Douglas with a view to specifying their Quadroclad rainscreen panels. Quadroclad QC25-10 aluminium rainscreen panels were installed vertically with integrated aluminium flush windows. The use of fully integrated windows reduces the amount of support components required for the panels, due to attachment of the panels to the (system designed) outer window frame.

They have a hidden 'Block Window' open-in vent which, when viewed from the outside appears only as a fixed light window. This has the effect of maintaining slim 'sight lines'. For the Sackville Street development, the open-in vents are used for accessing the outside of the windows for cleaning purposes rather than for ventilation.

As the single source supplier of the three major facade components for the project, Hunter Douglas were able to ensure that the installation went smoothly. This also minimised the potential for interface detailing problems, which could have arisen if the developer had chosen to work with separate suppliers.

Hunter Douglas work closely with architects and builders from specification to installation. With a dedication to sustainable practices, the facade specialists pride themselves on their innovative, eco-friendly building solutions. This high profile project on Sackville Street challenged the experts at Hunter Douglas to produce and install a solution which was both modern and complementary to the surrounding Georgian architecture.

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Architectural Balustrade and Handrail Systems from Aalco

Working with a renowned European manufacturer, Aalco, the UK’s leading multi-metals stockist has added to its product and service offer for Balustrade and Handrail systems.

With ‘know-how’ developed over many years, Aalco can offer a comprehensive range of creative design solutions that includes:

Frameless Glass U – a system that provides a clean, linear balustrade that uses a discreet aluminium profile at the foot and top with a dedicated set of matching accessories

Frameless Wall Fixing – a system designed for the fixing of glass to the supporting structure

Frameless Floor Fixing – an easy to assemble, versatile floor fixing for applications where a foot rail is not desired

Frameless Special – an understated, elegant system which features a stainless steel newel post

Round Bar – a timeless classic with re-designed profiles and the option of anti-climbing handrail supports

Square Bar – for applications where a square profile is preferred to round

Glass Clamp – a contemporary system certified to the highest European standards

Round & Square 2-clamp system

Stainless Rope – Round and square – echoing naval architecture with a modern twist

The Aalco website also features an interactive Handrail Systems Product Finder where, in addition to the comprehensive range of balustrade and handrail systems and accessories, the company has uploaded a gallery of finished installations.

Aalco, 25 High Street, Cobham KT11 3DH
Tel: 01932 576820 Fax: 01932 576829

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Glasstrends Company Overview

Glasstrends designs, manufactures and installs bespoke frameless glass shower enclosures for use with shower trays or wet room floors. These stylish products can be tailor-made for any location & are perfect where space is at a premium. The custom-built systems are coupled with a stylish range of fixtures and fittings offering a virtually limitless choice of configurations and design possibilities.

The company also produces bath screens, partitions, sauna, steam room & toilet doors. Continuous runs of washroom, changing or shower cubicles are also possible.

An extensive collection of brass and sanitary ware is also available to give specifiers the option of sourcing a complete bathroom package. Brands supplied include Vola, Catalano, Crosswater, Dupont Corian, Grohe, Laufen, Aquavision bathroom televisions, Graff, Signorini, Lefroy Brooks, and Vitra as well as CCL Wet room systems, Bette and Hansgrohe.

Current projects include both domestic and commercial properties including Hilton Hotels, The Four Seasons Group, Jumeirah Carlton Towers, Hyatt Regency, Malmaison and The Savoy Hotel, London.

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Naylor lintels

decorative retaining wall solution

EasiWall Block

Decorative finishes available including random stone or brick effect.

  • Modular, versatile, cost effective
  • Reusable and relocatable
  • Results in minimal ground heave
  • Permanent or temporary solution

Call now for a brochure

T: 01924 267286

Milner Way,
Industrial Estate,
West Yorkshire,

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Faber Blinds

Faber Blinds takes the stage at award-winning opera pavilion

The striking new home of Garsington Opera is winning plaudits from opera lovers and architecture critics alike

Faber Blinds has played a key role in helping to create the distinctive and award-winning pavilion, which houses the stage, the orchestra, the auditorium and terraces and is designed to be put up and dismantled each season

Designed by architect Robin Snell, Garsington Opera pavilion give the appearance of floating over the landscape, the design takes its cue from a traditional Japanese pavilion in its use of sliding screens, extended platforms, and verandas and bridges to link it to the landscape. The use of fabric was key to the success of the design concept and Faber was approached for a number of very large roller blinds suitable for external use

The five blinds needed to be 4.8m wide with a 7m drop, using a special fabric suitable for sun screening for the audience. Although the blinds could be viewed as internal due to the external screens fitted on the building, the system still needs to function in external conditions. The Faber 1800 FTS system, operated via a tension control unit with remote control, was specified for the high-profile project. Steel side guide wires were used to assist the blind and keeping them in position when down.  Due to the sheer size of these blinds, Faber had to run numerous tests on the blinds and make calculations regarding the tube diameters and the fabric weight to ensure the blinds would operate correctly. As a result, Faber worked closely with the architects, contractors and Garsington Opera to ensure the bespoke solution met all requirements. Such close working arrangements were vital on such an unusual and challenging project, but the Faber Blinds solution has helped to create an eye-catching pavilion

Faber Blinds uses the finest quality components and strong and resilient fibreglass fabrics that allow the occupants to see out through the transparent screen, retaining visual contact with the outside whilst preventing heat and too much light from entering the building. This twofold benefit makes the building far more efficient by reducing the need for cooling of the air internally and improving the working environment by significantly reducing glare

External roller blinds are normally motorised and can become an integral part of the building with the potential for them to be concealed within the building structure and therefore practically invisible when rolled up

The Garsington Opera pavilion is made from a limited palette of materials - timber, fabric and steel – to combine transparency and lightness with a sense of intimacy. The design also means it is possible for audiences to enjoy the setting and the summer skies beyond the stage while remaining sheltered for the performance

Since the official opening, the pavilion has won plaudits from audiences and a number of awards. The latest is a prestigious British Construction Industry Award for the best new building under £3 million

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East Beach car park at Shoeburyness in Essex, offers year round parking for visitors

The East Beach car park at Shoeburyness in Essex, offers year round parking for visitors to the beach and local amenities.

The grassed overflow car park is well used, but has historically suffered with the problem of vehicles wearing away the grass and creating ruts, and with the area becoming muddy, unsightly and generally unpleasant in both wet and dry conditions.

In 2010 GRASSPROTECTA (Heavy) was specified, as it met all the remedial requirements. It is a heavy-duty, thick, slip-resistant polyethylene mesh designed for reinforcing and protecting grassed surfaces prone to wear, rutting and smearing, which can result in a muddy surface incapable of withstanding vehicular or pedestrian traffic.

Fiberweb's GRASSPROTECTA grass reinforcement mesh has been has been developed with an oscillated mesh structure which is designed to increase traction and improve slip resistance by up to 97% compared to standard straight oriented meshes.

During installation at East Beach, ruts were first levelled with soil and seeded; the mesh was then unrolled and pinned to the surface using metal pins. Over several weeks the grass sward was able to grow naturally through, and intertwine with the plastic mesh filaments creating a strong, discreetly reinforced natural grass surface capable of withstanding vehicle loads and limiting damage.

Martin Warren, Development Engineer, from Southend-on-Sea Borough Council commented:

"We were delighted with the results of the installation two years ago, and are happy to say that GRASSPROTECTA has stood the test of time and still looks great and is performing well today after two years heavy usage. We are proud to be able to welcome our visitors to East Beach with a pleasant, well maintained facility.

Additionally, we have now installed GRASSPROTECTA in another car parking facility in the region, and have recommended it to other neighbouring councils suffering from similar issues with car parking, and are aware it has been used in an installation in Sussex. We have also used BODPAVE 85 on another successful ground reinforcement project in Southend-on-Sea."

For further information visit www.terram.com or call 01621 874 200

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The new seamless Corner System from Gerflor

Gerflor, leading the way forward as an innovator not an imitator

Complementing the extensive range of flooring solutions offered by Gerflor, the company’s new corner system is designed to make cleaning easier, more effective and hygienic in and around corners where Gerflor homogeneous floorcoverings are employed. The system is ideal for clean room, healthcare environments and other areas where easy maintenance and high levels of cleanliness are essential.

The Gerflor Corner System uses a specially cut piece of flooring to eliminate the need for vulnerable corner welding and is suitable for both internal and external angles. It provides a smooth and durable junction with a high quality, attractive and uniform finish. Tight, inaccessible corners no longer exist so cleaning and decontamination can be executed simply and effectively.

The unique patented corner system achieves a consistent approach with all corners handled in the same way. It is designed to meet the most exacting end-user requirements and has been both tested and recommended by some of the largest pharmaceutical laboratories. The Gerflor Corner System is intended to meet hygiene and microbial decontaminations specified in GPM (Good Manufacturing Practice) practical guides.

To complement the easy maintenance characteristics of the corner system, Gerflor vinyl flooring products are offered with a range of high quality surface treatments and anti-bacterial and fungicidal protection. These are designed to ensure simple cleaning and hygiene, making maintenance easy and helping to cut ongoing costs.

For further information on Gerflor, please call 01926 622600 or visit www.gerflor.co.uk.

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Glazing Vision

Glazing Vision Provide Berkeley Homes with Building Regulations Solution

Glazing Vision design walk-on rooflight to exacting standards for three prestigious new Berkeley Homes developments in Surrey.

Berkeley Homes are a dynamic and innovative developer who has been providing homes of distinction in sought after locations since 1976. A recent development is the impressive 4/5 bedroom houses at Terrace Yard, Richmond.

This prestigious collection of three sumptuous homes also have stunning interiors designed by the award winning international designer Chris Dezille, founder and owner of Honky Design.

Light and contemporary design flow seamlessly through these buildings and one of the main reasons that Chris was able to demonstrate his design skills to full effect was due to Glazing Visions' (GV) bespoke walk-on rooflights.

Flooding the lounges with direct natural light from above imparts a feeling of a greater open and airy space as well as ticking all the boxes with planning problems due to load bearing when the rooflight is also used as a roof terrace or extended out-door dining area.

Apart from the obvious clean looks of the frameless, specially designed walk-on rooflight other design features can also be of great benefit when trying to hide unsightly concrete pillars or lintels. In this instance the toughened and sealed glass frames were screen printed a contemporary black colour with a ceramic dot matrix anti-slip pattern around the boundaries to conceal a concrete surround and the associated damp proof membrane. Additionally GV were required to provide a dual colour powder coat finish so that the internal supporting angles blended seamlessly with the interior finish of the building and any external visible framework was colour matched to the adjacent doors, visually maintaining the flow of the space from the inside out

Apart from the design and aesthetics, this project presented several logistical issues not least access. All product had to be manoeuvred over a third party wall and GV made sure its highly trained personnel were on hand to over-see all movements as well as installation.

The technical and manufacturing design skills honed over the last ten years as the market leader have seen GV rooflights shine in countless contemporary, commercial and residential housing structures at home and around the globe. From south London to San Francisco or from Harrogate to Hong Kong, GV expertise is a sought after commodity.

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Intastop Goes Mobile

With an increasing number of website visitors accessing company pages via smart phone technology, leading supplier of door and wall protection, Intastop Ltd has launched a new mobile site!

“It’s imperative to stay ahead of the competition not only via our core product offering but also via our marketing techniques. Using only traditional marketing methods will now invariably exclude a proportion of our customers,” said Sarah Barsby, marketing director for Intastop. “Analysis of our company website showed a month on month increase of people visiting the site via mobile technology, it was therefore essential to provide our customers with an option to access the information in the way they prefer.”

A recent Google survey found that 72 per cent of mobile users say it is important to them that websites are mobile-friendly. Almost three-quarters of respondents said they are more likely to revisit a mobile-friendly site. Users are five times more likely to abandon the task they are trying to complete if the site isn’t optimized for mobile use, with 79 per cent saying they will go back to search and try to find another site to meet their needs.

Intastop realised that a mobile version of their site would improve user experience and ensured content can be viewed on a wide range of phones. It not only enables users to access information on-the-go but is also optimised to allow faster download times.

Sarah continues: “It is imperative for companies today to provide tools for their customers that make the process of research, whether that be for product or company services, as easy and simple as possible. Our new mobile website delivers on this as our smart phone ready version addresses the requirement from today’s consumers to have information available to hand wherever they may be!”

Intastop supplies the healthcare and public and private sectors with door protection and anti-ligature products and solutions. The company has implemented a development strategy including two key areas, marketing and research and development. The latter has resulted in the launch of two new patent pending products this autumn. The Double Swing Hinge with Anti-Ligature Concealed Floor Mounted Closer and a Door Top Alarm System, both are the first products of their kind ever seen in the UK.

For further detailed information about Intastop's door and wall protection products visit www.intastop.com or email marketing@intastop.com.

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Lorient joins the fight against the spread of infection

Lorient, leading door seal manufacturer is joining the fight against bacterial infection and the spread of superbugs such as MRSA and E-coli in hospitals and care homes, with its built-in antimicrobial protection for its range of popular door seals. Many public and commercial buildings such as schools, hotels, leisure complexes can benefit too, where there is an increased need for improved hygiene and cleanliness to prevent bacterial cross-infection.

Bacteria is usually transmitted by direct skin to skin contact, but it can live on common surfaces such as doors; and its ironmongery including door seals – which are often fitted in the leading edge of the door. Traditional brush type door seals easily harbour bacteria and dirt in the filaments of the brush, and are almost impossible to keep clean. Switching to a flexible fin type door seal such as ‘Finesse™’ or ‘DS’ can significantly reduce bacteria thriving due to their wipe clean surfaces. And to strengthen this protection even further, Lorient is incorporating antimicrobial technology into its door seals during manufacture for maximum effectiveness.

Lorient door seals featuring the antimicrobial technology have been tested and proven to be up to 99% effective at killing a wide range of bacteria including MRSA and E-coli in independent laboratory tests. The active ingredient works by preventing the bacteria’s access to nutrients so that they starve and die – levels of bacteria on surfaces are significantly reduced over a 24 hour period. The technology, which is non-toxic, remains active on the surface of the seal for many years, due to its low water solubility.

For further details about Lorient’s new anti-bacterial finish, please visit www.lorientuk.com or call our Technical Services team on 01626 834252.

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Planet Partitioning

Sheer genius from Planet Partitioning at the University of Aberdeen Library

Planet Partitioning, the UK’s largest independent partitioning specialist, has installed a significant quantity of its Advanced Frameless Glazing in the high profile new library at the University of Aberdeen. Single and double-glazed frameless partitioning with the award-winning Solar joint was used throughout; the translucent dry-joints are virtually invisible allowing the creation of seamless walls of glass for a stunning and contemporary visual effect.

Officially opened by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II in September 2012, the library was designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects and built at a cost of around £57m. Designed to provide a 21st century learning and research environment for students and also open to the general public, the heart of the library is a spiralling atrium connecting all eight storeys.

Contrasting with the curved atrium, the external envelope of the building is square-edged with a glazed façade to allow plenty of daylight to penetrate the building and offer great views across the city of Aberdeen. The use of Solar glazed partitioning for the interior walls allows the continued flow of natural light and creates a high-tech and modern dynamic that is ideally suited to this contemporary new build.

Planet Partitioning was commissioned by main contractor Pihl and, in addition to the Solar partitioning, also provided freestanding glazed partitioning, timber door sets and a quantity of solid plasterwork walls to the value of around £740,000

To receive further information please contact Planet Partitioning Tel: 01444 237310 or email: marketing@planetpartitioning.co.uk

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Sandtoft names Kesteven Roofing Centre as Multiversal winner

Sandtoft, a Wienerberger company, has named Kesteven Roofing Centre as the winner of its 'summer of sport' Multiversal competition. The Rotherham-based roofing specialist was presented with an iPad after being chosen from hundreds of entries.

To be entered into the competition, stockists were required to order a pallet of Multiversal, the new universal ridge and hip system designed to fit all roof tile profiles and almost all ridge profiles during Euro 2012, Wimbledon, The Open, Olympics or Paralympics.

The union of this ventilated, dry fix system is based on the sectional shape of all commonly known UK ridge profiles, so it can fit most concrete and clay ridge tiles and hips regardless of manufacturer. The system is ideal for stockists as it is supplied in a single box containing everything you need for 5 metres of hip. The system was also recently recognised in this year’s edition of the Construction Products Innovation and Achievement publication.

Howard York, Branch Director at Kesteven Roofing Centre, commented: "The Multiversal system is a fantastic, versatile product, which allows us to stock a single product instead of several. This is not only more economical in terms of stock profile but it also makes things more straightforward for our customers; in a sense they know that the Multiversal is ideal for all shapes and sizes of ridges and hip tiles. Using Multiversal also means ordering stock is much easier for us.

"We've seen an increase in the popularity of dry-fix systems in recent years, and given that NHBC regulations stipulate that mechanical fixing must take place, the dry fix system has been ideal in that regard."

Dean Wilkinson, Area Sales Manager at Sandtoft, added: "Firstly, I would like to congratulate the team at Kesteven Roofing Centre for their excellent sales of Multiversal – it was fantastic to be able to present them with the iPad. The team really sees the benefit of the Multiversal system to their customers, which is fantastic for us, and really does make their customers’ choices easier."

For more information on Wienerberger please visit http://www.wienerberger.co.uk/. Follow Wienerberger on Twitter at https://twitter.com/wienerbergeruk.

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Dallmer Renova Roof Drain - Ideal For Retrofit

When re-roofing, a major problem is often the removal of existing roof drains before installing new ones and connecting them inside the building to existing drain-pipes. Dallmer’s Renova 63T Roof Drain is a product that completely overcomes this problem and therefore reduces dramatically the overall cost of roof renovation.

RenovaDrain is specifically designed to push down through the existing drain and inside the existing drainpipe, creating a watertight seal via the lip-seals on the down pipe of the drain. This well conceived design is made with the precision for which the Dallmer name is respected throughout world – thousands are in use in Europe and the USA.

RenovaDrain has recently been upgraded with improved, dedicated versions for use with bitumen felt – ‘DallBit’ - and TPO membranes. A version for welding to PVC remains plus the ‘standard’ version for EPDM – or any other membrane. Improvements include extended length (up to 460mm from roof level) to cater for ever thicker layers of insulation and a dome grating with a greater free area to avoid the problem of possible clogging by roof-blown rubbish.

The Dallmer 84 version is smaller but just as easy to fit and is widely used where additional insulation is not being laid or remedial work with a flat grate on paved terraces.

Both models of Renova are made from durable, UV-stabilized polypropylene with rubber co-moulding for the ribbed lip-seals ensures that they have ample depth to make a secure seal with the inside of the old drain.

With a minimum flow rate of 7.5 litres per second, the performance is by no means compromised by the sleeving effect in the downpipe. A weight of 2.76 kilos bears witness to the solid construction of the product, one that will very likely outlive the membrane it is being installed with. All Dallmer products are guaranteed for ten years.

The Dallmer Renova roof drain will be of the greatest interest to specifiers and contractors for roof refurbishment. The savings in man hours and therefore cost where ever roofing and roof drains have to be renewed make it a wise investment.

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Timoleon Ufh Graces Belgravia

When developer J.A.S. Truscott & Son of Westminster purchased a three bedroomed mews property in prestigious Belgravia it was the beginning of a transformation. S. J. Henderson & Company of Dulwich, chosen as main contractor for the project, ripped out the entire interior, leaving the beautiful Georgian façade overlooking the cobbled mews as an empty shell.

A basement was excavated increasing the floor area from 1,950 to 3,500 square metres enabling a conversion plan to a luxury four floor, four bedroom, four reception rooms property with a large kitchen and breakfast room area. It was at the ‘gutted interior’ stage that Timoleon, experts in all aspects of under-floor heating, was asked to produce detailed designs for heating all four floors of the mews house, these included plans for Timoleon’s Staple System, ideal for the screeded floor in the newly created basement and for the company’s Toron System, designed specifically for timber floor joist constructions, for the other three floors.

The Staple system in the Basement provided a quick, flexible and simple method of installing heating into a screeded floor. The Timoleon gridded insulation is layed on the sub floor, the 15mm polybutylene pipe is then stapled onto the insulation with barbed staples, this can be done by hand or with a pipe Stapler following the grids clearly marked. Once the pipe work has been pressure tested a …..mm screed is applied. The remaining floors used the Timoleon Toron system; this is suitable for conventional timber batten floors.

The standard Toron panels measuring 2400 x 600x 22mm are tongue and groove moisture resistant flooring chipboard, which are pre-routed to accept 10mm polybutylene pipe. The system is unique as it can be used as a structural floor across the joists. As the pipe work is embedded within the floor, there is an excellent transfer of heat, also specified strips of adhesive backed foil can be applied over the pipe work to provide additional output from the system.

An overboard layer of 6mm plywood completed the floor construction ready for carpet, wood flooring or vinyl. The efficiency of heat transfer using the Toron system is such that it is possible to run the system down to a temperature of 45 degrees rather than the 55 degrees norm, this makes it ideal for use with a Heat Pump or solar heated water and is at the same time extremely energy efficient and the heating performance will not deteriorate during the installed life of the floor. Two Timoleon Axios Manifolds control the total heating system, one monitoring the two lower floors in the basement, the other covering the first and second floors in the loft.

These manifolds proved simple to install and they have many inbuilt sophistications of design, possibly the most important, being the ability to balance individual circuits then isolate, thus ensuring accurate performance for each room. Auto air vents, technically advanced mixing valves and simply fitted but secure pipe connectors are also featured. The refurbishment contract by S. J. Henderson for the Belgravia Mews mansion was completed well within their time limit in 240 days. Considering the problems not only of digging out the basement but also of disposing of the freshly dug earth through the front door, then taking it by dumper truck to the main road, while causing as little disruption as possible to the other Mews residents, this was no mean feat. A S. J. Henderson representative stated: ‘One of the …….. factors for the early completion was the expert design and service received from Timoleon’s technical team, ensuring a speedy and trouble free installation of the under-floor heating.’

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