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Stannah Lifts

Stannah Project Management - We love a challenge

Our project management skills are employed in schemes where we may supply any of the following:

  • Building work
  • Lift refurbishment
  • The design, supply and installation of new bespoke lifts
  • The supply and installation of standard passenger, platform and goods lifts
  • The supply and installation of escalators and moving walkways
  • The refurbishment of old, or the construction of new, machine rooms
  • Ongoing technical support for the optimum performance of all lifting equipment
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Faber Solar Shading Solutions

Prestigious gallery showcases the imaginative work of Faber Blinds

Central to the ambitious redevelopment carried out by David Chipperfield Architects was the creation of adaptable exhibition spaces and contractor Westgreen Construction worked closely with Faber Blinds to provide a challenging and bespoke solution.

Faber supplied a solar shading system that provides screen and blackout solutions to arched windows on a tensioned bottom up specification, supported by specialist sub-contractor Suffolk and Essex Joinery.

Two motorised roller blinds were fitted in each window space, blackout to the rear with screen to the front, both drawn vertically upwards by tension cables with the fabrics running in recessed side channels. The hem bars of the blinds were shaped to follow the line of the window heads to reduce the head pocket space and maximise the window exposure when the blinds are open.

The EOS 500 tensioned bottom up, motorised roller blinds are controlled by a central Hunter Douglas EOS Touch system. The blackout blinds are Faber Contract Series 2700 fabric and the screen is EOS Series 5 fabric, with 10% openness.

The 22 blinds are operated in group formats from the EOS Touch control unit linked to a GPS weather station programmed to track the path of the sun and react accordingly to give the appropriate shading required for the artwork exhibited within the gallery. All of the controls are housed in a small side room away from the gallery where the control panel can be easily accessed for manual override control.

The imaginative refurbishment of the historic building required an equally innovative and state-of-the-art solution. A spokesman for the Pace Gallery said the project was very much a team effort and the professionalism of the various partners involved, including Faber Blinds, had been central to the successful refurbishment.

“Nothing gives peace of mind, when on a difficult project with a tight timeline, quite like the knowledge that you are working with a trustworthy, reliable partner whose goals are your own,” he added.

As part of the system created by Faber for the Pace Gallery, which is located in Burlington Gardens and opened at the end of 2012 with an exhibition of Mark Rothko, the windows were dressed with a bespoke timber solution encasing the blinds, their side channels and head detail. When the blinds are closed the timber work completely frames each blind. The window sills were removed and walls below dug out to create a recessed pocket space to house the blind systems.

The close working relationship with architects and contractors was key to the bespoke system developed by Faber as the blinds needed to be functional, have an aesthetic appeal and operate in a confined space without being intrusive. It meant the timber framework was designed around Faber’s blind system.

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Franke Washroom Systems

Form and function from new moulded miranit washtroughs

With a heritage of almost 230 years in manufacturing high quality stainless steel products for commercial washrooms and kitchens, Franke Washroom Systems is now set to become one of the leading suppliers of solid-surface sanitaryware products. In Winter 2013, they will be launching their new Miranit High Gloss Washtroughs. These striking washtroughs are precast in one complete piece and seamless thanks to the Franke Washroom System’s moulded manufacturing process.

Developed for Retail, Leisure, Education and Corporate washrooms, the solid Miranit material used for the High Gloss Washtroughs combines strength and durability with the highest possible hygiene performance. The Miranit High Gloss Gelcoat layer which covers the surface is resistant to limescale and thus prevents bacteria buildup and ensures cleaning is super quick. There is choice of two lengths; 1200mm (for 2 users) and 1800mm (for 3 users).

Furthermore, the new Miranit washtroughs are available with an optional Miranit splashback and with deck mounted or wall mounted self closing or electronic taps. All Franke Washroom Systems’ taps are WRAS approved and meet BMA water saving criteria. Special variants are available if required with deck mounted soap dispensers and without overflow.

All Franke Washroom Systems’ products’ comply with all current CE Marking requirements and the exclusive Miranit material will be the subject of a new CPD over the coming months.

For further information about the Miranit product line-up from Franke Washroom Systems, please request a product guide, price list or individual brochure from ws-marketing.gb@franke.com. Follow on Twitter @FrankeSissons.

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Simple to File, Simple to Find, Simple to View

Tried and tested by thousands for over 40 years Normid continues to provide innovation and quality from the best in British manufacturing. Recent customer comments concluded that Normid Planholders are “sturdier, longer lasting, easier to use and better in price than competitors”. Just as good as the products is the service; fast delivery, superb customer service and a willingness to go the extra mile makes Normid the obvious choice.

Over the last few decades Normid products have been trusted on some of the highest profile projects in the country, from the construction of the M6 to works at Stonehenge and at the new Birmingham Library. However it’s not just the biggest projects that Normid makes a difference on, products are regularly featured on new home build sites, retail builds, even self builds and are used by Interior Designers, Architects, Surveyors, Engineers, Builders, Project Managers and many more.

Using the mantra ‘Simple to File, Simple to Find, Simple to View’ Normid genuinely makes working with plans a great deal easier. Handling large format paper has always been a pain, the Planholders grip the paper and gives the user a solid point to keep hold of and transport the drawing. When storing away, a single stand can hold up to 2400 drawings, with easy access to every single one.

Combined, these attributes make Normid a force to be reckoned with in the large format filing world. Recent partnerships will also see Normid grow from strength to strength in the coming year, driving innovation. New products that the engineering team have been working on for some time are expected to appear in 2014, building on the success of ECO Planholders. Normid ECO Planholders continue to be the best around, they are available to purchase from www.normid.co.uk or 01922740015.

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Dallmer Renova Roof Drain - Ideal for retrofit

When re-roofing, a major problem is often the removal of existing roof drains before installing new ones and connecting them inside the building to existing drain-pipes. Dallmer’s Renova 63T Roof Drain is a product that completely overcomes this problem and therefore reduces dramatically the overall cost of roof renovation.

RenovaDrain is specifically designed to push down through the existing drain and inside the existing drainpipe, creating a watertight seal via the lip-seals on the down pipe of the drain. This well conceived design is made with the precision for which the Dallmer name is respected throughout world – thousands are in use in Europe and the USA.

RenovaDrain has recently been upgraded with improved, dedicated versions for use with bitumen felt – ‘DallBit’ - and TPO membranes. A version for welding to PVC remains plus the ‘standard’ version for EPDM – or any other membrane. Improvements include extended length (up to 460mm from roof level) to cater for ever thicker layers of insulation and a dome grating with a greater free area to avoid the problem of possible clogging by roof-blown rubbish.

The Dallmer 84 version is smaller but just as easy to fit and is widely used where additional insulation is not being laid or remedial work with a flat grate on paved terraces. Both models of Renova are made from durable, UV-stabilized polypropylene with rubber co-moulding for the ribbed lip-seals ensures that they have ample depth to make a secure seal with the inside of the old drain.

With a minimum flow rate of 7.5 litres per second, the performance is by no means compromised by the sleeving effect in the downpipe. A weight of 2.76 kilos bears witness to the solid construction of the product, one that will very likely outlive the membrane it is being installed with. All Dallmer products are guaranteed for ten years.

The Dallmer Renova roof drain will be of the greatest interest to specifiers and contractors for roof refurbishment. The savings in man hours and therefore cost where ever roofing and roof drains have to be renewed make it a wise investment.

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Consort Claudgen

Providers of innovative electric heating solutions

Consort and Claudgen are brands synonymous with quality and reliability. With a history spanning back to 1966, the Pembrokeshire-based company are today renowned providers of innovative electric heating solutions.

Operating in three areas; social, commercial and domestic, Consort Claudgen have a reputation for producing safe and stylish products that are recognised for their technical excellence, offering real benefits to the specifier, installer and end user.

Managing Director, Ed Spankie, said: “90% of our product range is manufactured in our purpose built site in Milford Haven, which is a real benefit to everyone dealing with Consort Claudgen. Our main ranges include low surface temperature heating for the social market, air curtains, fan and radiant heaters within the commercial sector and finally, panel heaters and towel rails for the domestic marketplace.”

Air curtains serve many purposes, but mainly, they help keep out outside air, reducing infiltration though the opening. They can also be used to avoid cold drafts by mixing in warm air heated by the air curtain. Air curtains are offered in a variety of power outputs and widths to suit most premises. (log onto www.consortepl.com to view the full range of air curtains)

Consort Claudgen’s range of low surface temperature heaters, have a maximum surface temperature below 43°C, in line with the Department of Health’s guidelines, meaning that if touched, the user will not get burnt; perfect for environments with children and elderly residents. Ideal for care homes, nurseries and public areas, these low surface temperature products provide both a high level of safety and controllability.

“In regards to wireless controlled heating, our systems offer a seven day timing process with six different periods throughout any given day. The advantage of our systems is that when the heater is approaching the desired temperature, the heater reduces its energy consumption thereby maintaining an even room temperature. By reducing the energy consumption, customers receive significant reductions in their bills and have a comfortable living space. ,”said Ed.

The design and manufacture of all products is covered by ISO 9001 accreditation, and all products are offered with a one year warranty, which is backed up by a quality nationwide customer care service, providing full spares and field support. A dedicated member of the team is always on hand to offer any technical guidance and free advice on any Consort Claudgen heating scheme.

Concluding on the future, Ed commented: “We have recently brought out three new ranges this past two months and are looking to market these. Wirelessly controlled heating is also becoming accepted within the industry and we will continue to develop this innovative technology.

For further details please don’t hesitate to call 01646 692 172 or log onto www.consortepl.com

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The Deck Tile Co. Ltd

LEVATO MONO, a next generation paver system

Pavers comprised of a 20mm single layer of load-bearing porcelain stoneware, with incredible technical and aesthetic features. Self-levelling and height adjustable pedestals allow for rapid installation over uneven sub-surfaces and any waterproof membrane.

  • Ideal for roof terraces, balconies and walkways
  • Floating floor – installation over single ply membranes
  • Eternal finish – massive over life savings
  • Completely non-porous; stain resistant, fire and frost-proof
  • Slip resistance; BS pendulum test up to +65 wet
  • Lightweight – 45kgs per m2
  • Zero maintenance
  • Timber & stone effects - 30+ finishes available
  • High load bearing - static load up to 1 tonne per paver
  • Height adjustable pedestal support system
  • Hidden services with easy access

PO BOX 3576, Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 9GR
T: 0845 2700 696

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New Hormann thermopro plus

The new Hörmann ThermoPro Plus entrance doors offer even better insulation values while maintaining the high levels of security, ease of use and quality for which the unique steel faced ThermoPro doors are renowned.

The new door features a 65mm thick steel door leaf mounted on a composite frame. This frame adds to the insulation value since it offers a better thermal break and the thicker door is filled with rigid CFC free PU foam for both strength and insulation.

Not only does the door leaf contribute to enhanced insulation but the 80mm aluminium door frame also has PU foam infill and a thermal break. Triple seals on the threshold strip and another thermal break all help to maximise insulation to give a fitted door with a thermal u value as low as 1.0W/m2K.

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The changing face of Single Ply Membrane

Recent development of single-ply membrane has done more than simply lower costs.

Against this backdrop of change, there is an obvious need for specifiers to evaluate the changing face that this flexibility and reliability can offer.

The Renolit CPD reviews:

  • Evolution, manufacture and recyclability
  • Detailing and installation
  • Green roof systems
  • Aesthetics of system, colour and curvature
  • Single ply and the impact on the regeneration sector
  • Solar - innovative solutions

Technical support: 01670 718283

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Stainless Handrail Systems Ltd

Infinity – Railings for million £ views

Enhance your clients’ breath-taking views with our new and innovative 'Infinity' topless railing system. The 'Infinity' topless railing system offers strength, style and versatility while eliminating the upper and lower rails. In turn, providing your clients with unobstructed million £ views. An 'Infinity' topless railing system is the ultimate fashion statement for your deck.

  • ‘Innovative, simple & complete, ‘off-the-shelf’ railing system’
  • ‘Simple to install’
  • ‘Achieve breath-taking curved effects with the revolutionary revolving glass insert’
  • “Innovation in Railing Systems Has Never Been So Clear”

Unit 10 Birch Lane Business Park, Aldridge, Walsall, WS9 0NF
T: 0800 068 6363

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Lyfthaus Ltd

New range of premium platform lifts

Lyfthaus Ltd have a heritage dating back to 1964 designing and manufacturing bespoke one off platform lifts for special environments. After extensive development the much anticipated launch of their first full standard range of mobility platform lifts has arrived in the shape of myLyft by Lyfthaus. A series of highly adaptable BS6440/2011 compliant low profile, single, double and triple scissor mechanism lifts with innovative frameless glass barriers and gates, all beautifully detailed and expertly crafted in the inspiring location of Steeple Bumpstead, North Essex, home to the Lyfthaus Design Centre. Lift heights from 800mm to 3000mm are available, all have impressive 500Kg capacities which are tested to +100% overload ensuring class leading raised height stability.

Blois Meadow Business Centre, Steeple Bumpstead, CB9 7BN
T: 01440 731111

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Sundeala Limited

Sundeala offer an extensive range of recycled pin boards, notice boards and dry wipes all made from waste paper.

The main source of supply is through national distributors and contractors for specialist fit-outs however individual needs are met for bespoke products especially for the education, sport, and leisure industries, as well as commercial contracts.

Sundeala ‘K’ is the standard board . It is a natural light grey colour, however 8 Colourboards are also available within the range. The boards are integrally dyed using non-toxic mineral pigments. The through colour is easy to refurbish as any mark or scuff can be simply sanded to revitalise the finish.

Flame Retardant Board(FRB) is offered in the light grey and 8 colourway varieties. Tested to Euro Class B it can be used in areas where Class ‘O’ products are required and therefore meets the Building Regulations in fire critical areas.

Securi-boards are tamper proof notice boards utilising doors to protect notices. They are manufactured using FRB as a baseboard. The doors comprise clear Polyphenlene designed not to melt in the case of fire.

Dry wipe boards are produced in 4 different grades. MFC, Melamine Faced Chipboard, HPL, High Pressure Laminate, WPS, White Painted Steel and VES, Vitreous Enamel Steel. All are supplied aluminium framed.

Sundeala is committed to recycling. Its environmentally sustainable board is almost 100% recycled and meets all UK corporate, government and local authority environmental policy statements.

Old newspapers and office waste are re-processed into Sundeala boards. The 24-hour Sundeala facility produces 0.3 million boards each year – that’s the equivalent of processing approximately 110 million newspapers or 4,000 tons of waste newspaper per annum.

As each ton represents around three cubic metres of landfill space, that’s a saving of 12,000 cubic metres a year.

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SG Systems

Sentinel balustrades tailored to meet your needs

SG System Products tailored the Sentinel balustrade system to provide the balustrade for the internal stair and the external steps and ramp for a primary school in Surrey.

The access balustrade used balusters in satin polished stainless steel grade 316, with blue Stargard warm to the touch handrail, and infill panels of galvanized steel mesh. This resulted in an attractive, functional yet economic design.

The staircase balustrade was also required to have blue upper and lower handrail, therefore the Sentinel system was powder coated blue, but the brackets left as satin polished stainless steel. Infill panels were clear toughened glass and the landing panels were made to have the top edge of the glass higher than the handrail for additional safety.

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Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit is first to launch mechanical fixing system for mortar bedded tiles

Demonstrating its commitment to product innovation, Marley Eternit has become the first roofing manufacturer to introduce a mechanical fixing system for mortar bedded ridge and hip tiles, helping house builders and contractors meet current NHBC technical standards.

Since the beginning of 2012, the NHBC has required all homes that it guarantees to have mechanically fixed ridges and hips – either through a complete dry fix system or using mortar bedding with additional mechanical fixings.

However, a recent NHBC survey of 3,000 ongoing sites found that where ridges and hips were still bedded in mortar, a third of them had no mechanical fixings.

The increasingly volatile weather conditions in the UK means that ridge, hip and verge tiles bedded with mortar are more likely to become displaced due to strong winds, unless they are also mechanically fixed using screws, clips or nails. However, at the moment there isn’t a commonly applied method for the mechanical fixing of mortar bedded tiles, so Marley Eternit has decided to take action now to clear up confusion and help contractors to meet the NHBC standards.

Gavin White, marketing project manager from Marley Eternit, explains: “Despite the fact that the NHBC encourages the use of dry fix systems, unfortunately it still accepts mechanical fixing of mortar bedded ridges and hips. We recognise that there is widespread confusion about a consistent way of doing this alongside issues surrounding ventilation as, unlike many dry fix systems, mechanically fixing mortar bedded ridges and hips does not provide the required ventilation at high level which is required for the majority of pitched roof designs.

“Marley Eternit, like most other roofing manufacturers, believes that a full dry fix system is the best way of securing ridges and hips. However, we recognise that some house builders and contractors still favour the traditional mortar route, whether that is because of beliefs about cost, tradition or aesthetics. We are therefore introducing a mechanical fixing system for mortar bedded ridge and hip components to help contractors and house builders who are struggling to meet the NHBC standards, as well as offering a durable and secure alternative to mortar bedding alone on other housing and commercial building projects.”

The new Marley Eternit fixing kit, together with purpose-made clips for securing small cut tiles, offers a consistent and fully tested system for mechanically fixing mortar bedded ridges and hips. It offers a durable and secure alternative to mortar bedding alone but unlike a dry fix system, high level ventilation is still needed to meet the requirements of BS5250 and NHBC Technical Standards.

Marley Eternit will be following up the system launch with a series of ‘how to’ videos, which will be available on the website and at www.youtube.com/user/MarleyEternitLtd

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Marley Eternit

Marley Eternit launches mixed brindle clay innovation

Marley Eternit is expanding its market leading clay product range with its latest innovation, a new mixed brindle single camber clay plain tile with unrivalled environmental credentials.

The Acme Mixed Brindle has a red brown base and weathered appearance to create a true brindle colour that is ideal for both refurbishments and new builds alike.

The new Acme Mixed Brindle tile has been developed to offer specifiers, contractors and merchants a quality, cost effective, brindle clay plain tile in a traditional single camber.

Sarah Jackson, marketing product manager for Marley Eternit, explains: “Each of the new Acme tiles has subtle variations from light to dark, giving them an authentic brindle effect. These subtle mixed brindle clay plain tiles offer wide ranging but delicate differences of hue and colour, so that although every individual tile is different, together they create a harmonious beautiful roof.”

The Acme Mixed Brindle also boasts impressive environmental credentials, with independent carbon certification, a ‘very good’ rating under the BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing standard and an A+ rating in the BRE Green Guide to Specification.

Sarah Jackson continues: “Using Marley Eternit products offers the combined benefits of up to six environmental credits with the A+ rating and our BES 6001 Responsible Sourcing accreditation of 'Very Good’ for single camber clay plain tiles. Marley Eternit is the only roofing manufacturer to have verified our carbon footprint with the Carbon Trust for our range of roofing products and Acme single camber clay plain tiles have a carbon footprint of 27.0 CO2e / m2 (based on 100mm gauge).

“In addition, all of our Acme single camber clay plain tiles also have the added advantage that they can be used at pitches as low as 30°, instead of the market standard of 35°.”

The Mixed Brindle is the latest addition to Marley Eternit’s popular clay plain tile range, which now offers a selection of 21 different colours and textures to enable design versatility. A range of fittings, accessories and ventilation products is also available to complement the Acme Mixed Brindle colour. To request samples or a brochure please contact 01283 722588 or visit www.marleyeternit.co.uk/clay.

Marley Eternit’s investment in clay tile manufacturing means that it has the largest clay plain tile production capacity in the UK. This includes the evolution of a palette range boasting 21 unique colours, the widest range within the UK market, and an unrivalled choice of fittings and accessories.

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Marley Eternit

Latest edition of Slates Fixing Guide from Marley Eternit

Continuing its commitment to provide relevant up-to-date information, Marley Eternit has launched a new edition of its Fibre Cement Slates Fixing Guide offering detailed advice to roofers on low pitch roofing solutions, good site practice and complying with the latest Building Regulations.

In response to demand for low pitch roofing solutions, the guide has been updated to include fixing methods for the Birkdale, available with hook fixing to facilitate designs down to 15° and the recently launched low pitch Thrutone which can now be used on pitches as low as 15⁰ with reduced rafter length.

The guide also features detailed step-by-step drawings and tips covering everything from site working and setting out, through to fixing methods, and is an easy on site reference tool for both experienced and novice roofers.

Charlotte Hughes, Campaign Manager at Marley Eternit, said: “With ever increasing legislation focusing on the environment, roofers are required to use products that measure up on sustainability, so popularity of our UK manufactured fibre cement slate continues to grow. With this in mind, we have produced an updated guide to offer roofers as much help and guidance as possible.

The new edition of a Fibre Cement Slates Fixing Guide is an important tool for all roofers wanting to work with our fibre cement slates, providing them with practical advice that can be easily referenced whilst on site.”

The guide is available both in printed format and to download.

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Wernick Group

Pupils receive alternative education in purpose built building

Wernick Buildings provide modular building to fulfil specialist school needs.

“The building is light and airy which is a welcome change from the previous Victorian buildings” were the words describing the purpose built modular development that replaced three separate Victorian buildings at The Stansfield Centre, Falcon Road, Exeter.

The specialist school provides education for pupils who have difficulty integrating in mainstream schools. Students that have been excluded, are at risk of exclusion, or have serious health problems preventing them attending other schools, are welcomed to further their education.

Due to the sensitivity of the students that attend the Stansfield Centre classes tend to be small, which enables one-on-one learning to give the students the attention they need to progress. Currently there are around 35 members of staff that work with up to 55 pupils.

Julia Jordan the Senior Administrator of the school commented: “Our preconceived idea of this kind of building was flimsy and noisy but the new building is the complete opposite. We are impressed with the sound proofing of the building which is important with these children, as any disturbance can cause an unwanted disruption.”

The new facility accommodates key stages 1- 4, accepting children from year one to year eleven, with ages from 4 to 16 years. Internally, it houses a canteen area, two communal social areas, fitness room and purpose built sports hall built by Wernick Buildings. Outside there is a separate workshop, MUGA and outdoor playing ground. The building is state of the art with specialist fob-lock doors, full technology and science areas. The exterior features a unique sinusoidal cladding to fit the industrial surrounding area.

Julia went on to say, “The school has a nice big gymnasium area and fitness room which is used by students and staff, as well as outside organisations such as the Special Olympics Club who also use the kitchen and hall. The canteen and communal areas have been a big hit with the children as they are great spaces.”

The Stansfield Centre initially had building plans for new facilities around two years ago from Devon County Council, who also made the decision to use a modular development. The building had the go-ahead twelve months ago and Wernick Buildings delivered the building over the summer. When asked about the project Julia commented: “It was a very quick installation, we couldn’t believe the building was up over the summer. I would recommend Wernick Buildings to other schools. Our (Wernick) representative has been very good to us, visiting us often and dealing promptly with our requests concerning the building.”

About Wernick Buildings Ltd:

Wernick Buildings Ltd is the UK’s largest manufacture and supplier of modular steel frame accommodation.

To learn more about the company, please visit: www.wernick.co.uk

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